Cheap fashion brands you might not have heard of


This website is great for statement jewellery (in particular earrings). It’s a small company so there aren’t that many products to choose from, however the stuff they sell is really good quality and everything is priced from £4-8 which I think is great for what you get.


This is another really cheap jewellery website, they have a £3 and under section where you can find rings and earrings for as cheap as 50p!!!! I love scrolling through this website because I always end up buying loads seeing as it’s so cheap.


Yet another jewellery website, this one is very reasonably priced, I love their gold pendant necklaces, I’ve been seeing lots of layered gold jewellery on Instagram lately, this website has a christianity section where you can find crosses, Virgin Mary pendants etc.. also they make these beautiful heart necklaces with real flowers in (seen below, left). I love this idea and the prices rarely go beyond £10 which is super affordable. I bought a gold rose necklace from here for only £2.99 and I love it.


This is more on the expensive side (well for me anyway), I don’t normally spend more than £10 on a piece of jewellery unless it’s a piece I intend to keep for life. This website however sells beautiful, unique pieces, that are guaranteed to be good quality. Only a little bit more expensive than somewhere like Topshop, but you’re paying for better quality and more unique products. They can also customise the jewellery for you if you drop them an email.

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 12.24.11.png


Mainly known for their range of quirky phone cases, Skinny Dip also sell awesome bags, accessories and tops for reasonable prices. They’ve just released a Disney x Skinny Dip collection which I am obsessed with:

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 12.36.11


Another quirky jewellery website, just take a look for yourself:

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 13.51.27.png


This website is a little bit different to anywhere I’ve shopped before, Notebooktherapy sells Korean and Japanese stationary gifts. From cute pencil cases, to cool stickers or tote bags, this is the perfect website for finding small, colourful gifts. I have been wanting to buy one of their canvas tote bags for a while. I just can’t decide what colour to go for!


Finally, this shop sells really fresh, urban clothes. I particularly like their selection of t-shirts, they’re quite oversized and have cool slogans or prints. Also £15 for a t-shirt is pretty damn good. Take a look for yourself:

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 13.53.04.png

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