My top picks from Primark

I live in Manchester where the biggest Primark store in the world is, so it’s always packed with people but they always have the newest items so I sorta love it and hate it.

Things I love about Primark:

♥ It’s extremely inexpensive

♥ It’s my go-to for basic clothes

♥ I often find great dupes of items that would be double the price in Topshop, UO etc..

♥ I love their underwear selection (I hate spending a load of money on underwear)

Things I hate about Primark:

× The queues that literally go out of the store

× Why is it always so god damn busy?

× I always end up spending way more than I had anticipated on things I really don’t need

× The clothes are always on the wrong hangers or on the floor


Here are some of my favourite things I’ve bought from Primark recently:

This red/pink jumper is so comfortable and goes really well with a casual outfit like a pair of jeans and trainers. Alternatively you could pair it with a black denim skirt, boots and a leather jacket to dress it up a bit more. I think it was about £12 and I got a size S.
IMG_2600 2

I dragged my boyfriend into Primark the other day and we were both immediately drawn to this coat, mainly because it’s so unbelievably fluffy, but also because I love faux fur and I have an addiction to buying coats. As the picture below shows I am very happy with this purchase.

It was £30 and I got an XS but be warned it sheds so much fluff, most of which stuck to my tights.


Ahh I love this trend so much, I’ve been wanting to buy a matching corduroy suit since I first saw them in Topshop but it would’ve cost about £75, I got this for £25!!! The pants were £15 and all the blazers were reduced to £10, they also have this combo in dark blue which I so nearly bought also but I might go back on payday…

I got the pants in Small and the blazer in Small also.


I nabbed this aviator jacket for £30 (size 10) last week, it’s so comfortable and so much cheaper than anything else on the high street. It also feels and looks like really good quality which is something that is often debatable with some things in Primark. They also have it in tan, I only bought the black because I feel like I can pair it with more.

The yellow belted dress underneath the jacket is also from Primark, it was £13 and I got a size S. I’m thinking of getting it taken up a little (it’s rolled up in this picture) because it’s about an inch or two too long for my taste.


This green fluffy jumper was only £10 if I remember correctly and I got it in a size S.

IMG_2634 2

I got this shirt for £12, in a size S, I adore it paired with my red vinyl boots from Topshop and a small black bag.

IMG_2629 2

Primarks hat selection was great the last time I went in, their selection of fedoras and beanies got me so excited for the colder months because adding a hat to an outfit instantly adds class and style. This mauve fedora was £8 and I also got a plain black beanie for £2. (The coat is from Zara)



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