My fashion pet hates

Ok lets just get straight into this, here are some of my least favourite trends:


So peplum is a style designed to accentuate the waist, and while it does just that on those with the perfect body, most people can’t pull it off (me being one of them). It adds volume to the waist area which is never ideal, and if the peplum is too long it widens your hips, if its too short it looks like you’re wearing a dress from the children’s section. Look at the two images below, the girl on the left obviously has a great body and the peplum, in this case, is accentuating her hips while making her waist look really slim, the girl on the left probably has an equally as great body but the peplum is elongating her torso and adding unnecessary puffiness to the waist, thus doing nothing for her figure. My advice, avoid peplum unless you’ve been blessed with the body of a goddess.

Shoulder pads:

Initially worn as a statement of power and capability, shoulder pads took the fashion world by storm in the 1980’s, empowering women through a more rigid and masculine appearance. Being sported by the likes of Margaret Thatcher, Joan Collins and Bianca Jagger, soon everyone was obsessed, some clothes would even come with velcro so that you could use different sized pads depending on how tall you wanted your shoulders to look! However, shoulder pads haven’t stuck around, they crept back into our wardrobes when the likes of Lady Gaga and Rihanna brought them back bigger and more dramatic than ever, but I for one am happy for shoulder pads to stay in the past. When I see someone wearing them nowadays, they often look boxy and unflattering. Luckily nowadays we are in a position where women can feel powerful in whatever they wear.



Tacky and outdated are the only words I have to describe how I feel about ruching on clothes.


I should make it clear that I do have some exceptions as to when V-necks work and that I don’t totally hate them like I do with all the other things on this list. V-necks are something that I’ve never been able to pull off (maybe I’m just being bitter), being a girl with small boobs, a V-neck has nothing to accentuate for me, but I definitely think that bigger busted women pull them off most of the time because you can show off your great cleavages. I loved it when bralettes came into fashion because I could actually wear a v-neck and show off a nice little lace bralette underneath, they were the holy grail for girls with small boobs! Anyway, maybe V-necks aren’t so bad after all…



Wearing neon was only acceptable in the 80s, say it with me, wearing neon was only acceptable in the 80s. For me, neon screams tacky, save it for an 80’s themed party.

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 14.49.05.png


I feel similarly towards metallic clothes as I do neon clothes. You either look like you’re an astronaut, you’ve just finished a marathon and been given one of those metallic sheets for warmth or you’ve been wrapped in tin foil. And none of those scream fashionable, well the astronaut I suppose is pretty cool.

Cycling shorts:

Until this year, cycling shorts were associated with middle aged men in lycra, in other words: not cool. But suddenly everywhere is selling them, suddenly it became cool to look like my dad! I’d always taken the mickey out of him for wearing cycling shorts, I couldn’t bring myself to join in with this craze, and quite frankly I’m glad the winter is coming so they’ll return to being a thing of the MAMIL people.

(That’s Middle Aged Men In Lycra for those who didn’t work it out).

Hooded denim jackets:

Why can’t we just let a hoodie and a denim jacket be separate things, why do we need to combine them? If anything its more comfortable and looks way better just wearing a hoodie under a denim jacket. Just wear them separately god dammit.


Any finally the sin of all sins….

Kitten heels:


I don’t know what it is about kitten heels but they really annoy me, you have the option of high heels, regular heels, sandals, pumps etc.. so why choose a kitten heel? It’s a non-committal shoe that I find incredibly unflattering, and in my opinion they should be a trend of the past never to return again.

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