My A/W shoe collection

My favourite thing about the colder seasons are coats and boots, I normally buy a few pairs of boots every year to get me through the season. Here is my collection (so far…):

These contrast black and white boots are from NastyGal and they’re 100% the most sassy boots I own. I’m a size 7 and they fit really well as far as pointed heels go, your toes are always going to feel a teeny bit squashed. Also Nasty Gal is really good for discounts, the RRP was £40 but I got them for £20 because they were doing 50% discount, and for £20 I could’t not get these right?! Speaking of sales, there’s a 50% off Black Friday sale on at NastyGal now on EVERYTHING! Go, go, go!



These fabulous boots are from and I got them for £20! I only recently discovered this website and I’m obsessed, they have so many designs I already want to buy, everything is mega cheap and these are actually my most comfortable pair of boots, the heel is so chunky it’s basically like walking in flats. The website also has really good Dr. Martens dupes if you don’t want to fork out £110 for a pair of shoes.


I feel like a pair of converse are a staple to every wardrobe, they’re cool, they’re comfy, and they’re classic, a great alternative to a pair of proper trainers. I own about 4 different pairs but these are my most worn, they go with any casual outfit.


Every girl should own a simple, but classy, black pair of heels. These are from New Look and were around £15, they’re black with a subtle snakeskin texture, the heel isn’t too tall (about 3″), they’re comfortable to walk in and they go with literally any outfit if you want to look a bit more formal/classy. I’m about 5’9 so I don’t like wearing really tall heels, this height is enough that it still looks like a heel and is easy to walk in too.


I love platform shoes, they make you look taller obviously, they’re really comfortable and they add a bit of edginess to an outfit. I got these ones (excuse how worn out they are) from H&M for £19.99 because I really wanted a pair of the Superga platform trainers but I couldn’t afford them, these have turned out to be a great addition to my wardrobe and have got a lot of wear.


A pair of non-running trainers from Adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok etc… are also a must have. I got these in the ASOS sale for £35, they’re super comfy, I like the subtlety of the colours, they’re not too colourful but not plain white.


And then, a pair of actual running shoes are also a must have for anyone who does any exercise. I must admit I do pay for a gym membership but rarely go because I’m extremely lazy and hate running. However, everyone needs a pair of trainers, I’m never going to be one of those people who spends £100 on trainers because I don’t ever see myself being that committed to exercise, so I got these from Nike for £40.


I got these red, patent ankle boots from Topshop last year for about £39, I don’t wear them too much but I think adding a colourful pair of ankle boots to your wardrobe is always worth while because they really complete certain outfits of mine. 

A staple A/W pair of shoes is a classic black pair of ankle boots that can be worn with pretty much anything (except maybe joggers, kudos to you if you can pull that off), I bought these for £29.99 from H&M which I think is a really great store for shoes.

Dr. Martens are a great brand, although pretty expensive you definitely pay for a good quality pair of shoes that will last you years. Mine were £130, they’re vegan leather which is an added bonus, they took a while to get used to but after wearing them in they are extremely comfortable and are great for the cold weather because you can wear thick socks underneath, and they’re so sturdy no water will get in and when it’s snowing your feet won’t get wet which is the most soul destroying thing when that happens.


These are from Topshop, I got them about a year ago for £50 and they are one of my favourite pairs of shoes, maybe not necessarily the most fun to walk in but they look so badass with the silver studs and the buckles. 

And finally, over-the-knee boots are really in right now which is why I’ve just ordered a pair for myself from Pimkie on ASOS, they were £32.99 and they actually arrived today and fit like a glove. They don’t fall down either and the heel is a comfortable height. I can’t wait to wear these with a patterned skirt and a big coat.


Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 14.30.22.png

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