A thoughtful Christmas gift guide

For Her:

♥ One Line a Day Memory Book

This is a great little gift that the recipient will be able to keep and use for years. Costing only about £9 from Amazon, I got gifted one a few years ago and am now on my third year of writing it. There is a page for every day of the year and you can write a line a day for up to five years. Because you go back and use the same pages from the year before to write on, it’s a lovely thing to be able to look back over the last few years and see how things have changed over time. The questions could be anything from: ‘what is your biggest regret this year?’ to ‘what was the nicest thing you did this week’. It’s certainly a thoughtful gift that I’m sure most people would be grateful to receive.


♥ Incense Sticks

Instead of going for the generic Yankee Candle why not switch it up and gift some incense? I am obsessed with incense, I bought a burner from India when I visited but you can get virtually the exact same ones on the website below:


It’s a super cheap gift, there are lots of different incense to choose from so you’ll definitely be able to find one for that special someone.


♥ A vase for some flowers

This is a great idea because every girl loves getting flowers, so order a vase and buy some flowers for her to put them in. You can get some cool vases from Dunelm Mill for around £5-15 or alternatively Amazon is also a good idea. I picked out a few from Dunelm Mill that I like, all are under £15. I actually came up with this idea because my boyfriend got me a lovely vase and roses for my birthday, and the fact that I now have a vase means that I’ll get flowers more often!


♥ Microwaveable cuddly toy

I came across a very affordable website called https://www.heat-treats.co.uk which sells a range of microwaveable toys. You simply put them in the microwave for a few minutes and the toy acts as a hot water bottle and often is filled with a scented substance like lavender. There are also plenty of other websites to choose from and thousands of toys, choose her favourite animal and get her a great gift this Christmas.

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 15.21.04.png

♥ Personalised Pyjamas

http://notonthehighstreet.com sell really good quality pyjamas and you can get them personalised which I think is a lovely added touch to a Christmas present and really makes it seem like you’ve gone the extra mile, I think this is the case with anything personalised.

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 15.26.00.png

♥ An eyeshadow palette

When buying makeup for someone you need to think about what the recipient would actually wear. There’s no point wasting your money on a smokey eye palette for her if she never wears that sort of makeup. Do they wear neutrals, bright colours, glitters? Cater what you buy to the person’s tastes. L’Oréal are currently selling La Petite Mini Eyeshadow Palette, there are 5 different colour palettes to choose from and they all cost about £8-10, it’s the perfect stocking filler, secret Santa present or a nice gift to get a friend. Revolution is another great brand for cheap but good quality eyeshadow palettes, you can find them in any Superdrug store.

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 15.30.42.png

♥ A Tote Bag

http://www.etsy.com has hundreds of canvas tote bags to choose from, many of which you can personalise for an extra touch.

♥ Mystic 8 Ball

This is a more fun/jokey idea which would be a great Secret Santa gift, this one is from Oliver Bonas, getting a pink one in nice packaging just makes the gift a bit nicer than the original cheaper black one. I used to have one of these and I can confirm they are a lot of fun to play with.

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 15.41.10

♥ Trinket box/Jewellery holder

Again from https://www.oliverbonas.com, they sell a variety of jewellery boxes and storage, they also have a wide range of prices, for example some items are under £10 others above £20 so you can spend however much you want really.

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 15.47.20.png

♥ Artwork

There’s nothing I love more than buying new posters or prints to put on the wall, below are three of my favourite sites for quirky and colourful prints. The prints themselves are really cheap, if you want to add a frame it might be slightly more.



Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 17.21.23.png


Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 17.22.25.png

♥ Photobook

A gift that is guaranteed to be liked, a photobook is such a thoughtful gift, whether you make one for your partner, a family member or a friend, I always appreciate a book full of great memories. http://www.snapfish.co.uk is the website I always use when buying something like this.


For Him:

♦ Portable charger


This is a great website for affordable portable chargers with loads of different styles to choose from. I also think this is the perfect gift to get your man so that he’ll have no more excuses for not texting you back!

♦ Winter accessories

Even if it’s just a cheap pair of gloves, winter accessories can be a good stocking filler. My boyfriend will be receiving a pair of these touchscreen compatible gloves in his stocking this year! They’re from Amazon and you can click the image to shop:

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 17.29.27.png

♦ Male grooming kit

Male grooming is becoming a lot more popular nowadays (thank god), gone are the days I used to trim my boyfriend’s beard with kitchen scissors over the bathtub, this Christmas he’s getting one of these so that I no longer have the responsibility of making sure his beard is evenly trimmed. The set below is only £8.99, it’s from Groupon and contains 15 pieces (surely no one needs that many items though right?!). Click on the item to shop:

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 17.06.55.png

♦ Loungewear

Who doesn’t love lounging around in their comfy clothes in winter? That’s why loungewear is a great gift for Christmas, especially because it’s starting to get pretty cold here in the UK. ASOS, Next, Uniqlo and Topman are the places I normally look for this type of clothing. A warm hoodie, some thick jogging bottoms or a set of pyjamas all make the perfect gift for him.

♦ Reading light

If the person you’re buying for enjoys reading in bed this is a great, inexpensive idea that  they’ll be able to use every day. The one I picked out is from Amazon and is only £10.99.

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 16.58.19.png

♦ Shoe cleaner

Not the most glamorous gift but my boyfriend is forever complaining about how dirty his white trainers are so I thought this year I’d get him something to help.

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 16.56.59

♦ Kitchen Appliances

I don’t know about you but in my house my boyfriend does literally ALL of the cooking because it stresses me out too much. If you’re one of the lucky ones like meant your partner loves being in the kitchen, there are endless gift ideas. From cook books, knifes, spices, sauces, aprons, chopping boards, you have so much to choose from. Amazon is normally my go-to site for kitchen appliances, here is what I picked out: a 5 piece kitchen knife set by Nuovva for £19.90, an indoor herb garden kit by Viridescent for £12.97, and a  3 set of bamboo chopping boards by Savisto for £14.95.

♦ Rucksack

You need not spend any more than £25/30 on this idea, ASOS have so many to choose from and it’s safe to say that my boyfriend is most definitely going to receive one this Christmas. I like that they have a range of sports bags, faux leather work bags and rucksacks so you can cater your choice specifically to the person i.e. if they are into sports or if they would like a more formal bag for work.

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 17.03.58.png

Other Tips:

♠ If you and your partner are travelling anywhere in the New Year, a great gift idea is a Travel Guide for the location you are headed, it will not only make you more excited about the trip but also make sure that you can plan ahead and know the best places to go so that you can make the most out of your travels.

♠ Think about the person you’re buying for – do you have any inside jokes or shared interests? Buy a present to do with one of these things, then the recipient will know you really put some thought into the gift.

♠ The way I go about buying gifts is I normally buy the person something that they wouldn’t normally by themselves, and I also ask for things I wouldn’t usually think to buy myself .

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