Mauritius, a tropical paradise

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be flown out to Mauritius to attend my mum’s wedding. I must admit I wasn’t looking forward to the 12 hour direct flight from London to Port Louis, and it ended up being pretty terrible with multiple screaming babies on board, a half working tv screen, 4 hour delays, and the man sat behind me for the whole duration of the flight who made it his mission to stop me from sleeping. And that was only the flight there! The flight back was just as bad. Long haul flights are the worst.

However, negatives aside, the 48 hours of travelling was well worth it to be able to visit such a beautiful country like Mauritius. I was only there for a week because the whole point of going was to be at my mums wedding. We stayed at a resort/hotel called Zilwa Attitude and it was absolutely amazing. I’ve never stayed anywhere like it, the service from the staff was faultless, everyone was so friendly and always willing to go out of their way to help, the food was all inclusive and you could choose anything from Mauritian restaurants, Indian, Chinese, a buffet, a barbecue, burgers, the lot. It wasn’t hard to see why it’s a popular destination for honeymooners and people getting married because it truly was paradise. There were also so many activities and water sports included in the all inclusive package. I tried paddle boarding one day when it was really windy and I ended up getting swept out to sea, having a mild panic attack and then deciding to sit down and frantically paddle back with my hands. Tip: don’t try paddle boarding for the first time when it’s windy.

The wedding was stunning, it took place around 16:30pm and it was about 30 degrees celsius still, I stupidly got really burnt the day before so all the wedding pictures have a bright red Lucy in the back of them. The ceremony took place on a private island, it was truly picturesque, I was kind of jealous that my mum had basically stolen my dream wedding idea.

There was a spa in the resort which basically looked like a tropical rainforest. I got my hair done on the morning of the wedding there.

The weather was quite hit and miss when we went. Although it was summer time over there it was also cyclone season and boy did we experience it. Two of the days we were there it rained non stop, we had a catamaran tour booked where we were going to go snorkelling and visit the mangroves but it was cancelled due to the weather, I was gutted. However, when it wasn’t raining, which admittedly was most of the time, it was blissful; extremely hot, clear skies, warm sea and great views.

I didn’t stay for enough time to be able to go to a sugar plantation. So much of the land there is used for growing sugar cane, on the drive from the airport to the hotel it was basically never ending sugar cane. I would have loved to have learned more about the island’s exports and sugar industry.

These flowers were everywhere on the island, I even wore them in my hair on the wedding day. I couldn’t get enough of the various tropical flowers on the island.

There was a lot of wildlife on the island too, the colourful budgies and parakeets were my favourite, and the sea cucumbers my least favourite. You’re advised to wear footwear in the sea because there are lots of sharp rocks that you can’t see and for some reason the sand felt really slimy, it’s hard to explain it when you haven’t experienced it yourself, but at first the fashion lover inside me told me not to think twice about wearing swimming shoes but after one step in the slimy sand I ran back and put them on because it just wasn’t worth it!

I would have loved to have spent more time in this wonderful country and explored more areas like the south and the capital itself. But I guess that just gives me an excuse to go again!

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