My love for learning languages is what led to my desire to travel and subsequently the decision to start a blog. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to plenty of unforgettable places, and have even lived in 3 different continents. From learning to surf in Brazil, to skydiving in Seville, to being robbed at gunpoint on a holiday in Rio de Janeiro, I want to share my experiences, both the good and the bad, so as to help anyone thinking of going to the same places.

I put off starting a blog for years mainly due to the fear of nobody taking an interest, however, I’ve finally bitten the bullet and jumped on the blogging bandwagon. And hey ho, if nobody reads it, it can be my little travel archive.

This year I have visited Amsterdam, Rome, Venice, New Delhi, and Berlin. I’m going to Mauritius in February 2019, and then plan to do the classic South-East Asia travelling route at the end of next year!

So here’s a quote about travelling I just made up along with some of my favourite pictures from places I’ve been:

If you haven’t seen the world, then what have you seen?