Brussels, the perfect city break

Last week I finally took a few days off work to visit the colourful city of Brussels. I had never been to Belgium before but I had heard great things about the waffles so I couldn’t wait to give them a try.

Our first priority when we arrived was finding some Belgian beer, we found a quirky cafe right next to the infamous ‘Manneken Pis’. I must admit it was so small and underwhelming I probably wouldn’t have noticed it had it not been for the abundance of tourists swarming around it. A lot more exciting was the actual museum that displays some of the costumes he’s worn over the years. It’s a very small museum but has about 50 of his outfits and some of them are wild I mean look at the bottom right!

The Grand Place was absolutely breathtaking. I stood in the middle of the square for at least 20 minutes taking in all its glory

Whilst we were visiting there was a floral exhibition taking place inside the main building of the Grand Place. It was 8 euros each and pretty worth the money; take a look for yourself:

We ate way too many portions of chips over the 4 days we spent there and surprisingly I only had one waffle but it was so damn good I only remembered to take a picture of it after it was half eaten – oops!

The Atomium was pretty cool to see up close, it’s so much bigger than it looks, each of the balls are bigger than an apartment! Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to go inside because it was 15 euros each and it was the last day of the trip so we were pretty skint but we still hopped on the Metro to go and see it. It’s located in a very strange area that makes you feel like you’ve travelled both in time and location to Soviet Russia! It was very peculiar.

See what I mean about Soviet Russia!?

Overall I think Brussels is perfect for a city break, I wouldn’t recommend staying there for any longer than a long weekend as I definitely would have found myself getting bored if I was there any longer but if you’re looking to take a cheap break somewhere in Europe, you should definitely consider Brussels. It really didn’t disappoint.

My most favourite thing about Brussels was the colourful, quirky graffiti you could find on almost every road. I loved turning a corner only to find a massive mural. You can do comic strip tours through the city but we decided to just walk around and find them ourselves. Below are some of my favourites:

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